A Little Taste of Paris

I LOVE CAFES. I love how intimate they are and the music selections usually played. I love iced lattes and the smell of crisp, buttery pastries fresh out the oven. I am so drawn to its charming décor and appreciate the calm, peaceful atmosphere suitable for reading or getting work done…and while some of my greatest café experiences have been in other countries, it’s nothing like discovering a local place that offers a similar vibe and transports you to a world reminiscent of cultural experiences you once had and are longing to go back to.

Café Paris does just that! It has two locations: one in Metuchen and one in Cranford, New Jersey. A couple of weeks ago, I visited the one in Metuchen for the very first time. From the moment I approached its entrance I knew my experience would be worthwhile. The setup is very inviting with attractive window decorations and several beautiful paintings of the Eiffel Tower. There is also outdoor seating, which is always a plus in my eyes, especially now that summer has finally arrived. Walking into this café is like being sucked into another world with its captivating wall art, lovely plants, warm lighting, vibrant smiles and “mouth-watering” smells.

My best friend, who is local to the area, introduced me to Café Paris. She had gone the day before and just raved about how great her experience was. I’m glad she insisted we go, because I satisfied my taste buds with one of the best crepes I’ve had in a while. In fact, I’d forgotten how much I loved crepes until that first bite. It reminded me of how I used to be on a hunt for them in almost every place I visited in Europe. Ironically, the last time I actually had a crepe was in Paris last year and it honestly didn’t compare to the one I had devoured at Café Paris. They have a wide range of crepe selections too. I decided on Crepe Melba, which had fresh peaches and strawberries, homemade berry sauce and vanilla ice cream. The foodie in me was in total bliss!


If you’re not really about the “crepe life” and are interested in a different taste of Paris, Café Paris offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well. There are vegetarian options too and plenty to choose from. So, everyone can enjoy. If you’re just looking for a quick bite to eat or a chill place to focus and do work, even somewhere to have a casual lunch date or catch up with friends, this is the perfect spot. Be advised though, it does get crowded. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was pretty packed, though I still managed to get a seat right away. So, not too bad. Plus, the location is in a small, downtown area surrounded by other nice little shops if you’re in the mood to take a stroll afterwards…

I definitely plan on going back and I’m hoping very soon. My best friend went three days in a row after her first visit. I honestly don’t blame her. If I lived around the corner, I probably would too. It’s that good! Besides its delicious crepes, its tantalizing food, or the cute designs on the walls and placemats, I overall love Café Paris’s cultural statement and the positive space that makes it easy to enjoy everything else. I live for such experiences! As summer continues, I highly suggest you visit this café and relish in its awesomeness!

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visit: http://www.thecafeparis.com


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  1. Melissa says:

    So proud of you. Your writing has me wanting a crepe so badly. Keep shining, J.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jevonnah says:

      Aw thanks love! You’re the best! ❤️


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